Nathaniel Ramsey

The following is from History of Logan County and Ohio, Chicago, O. L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers 1880 page 699:

NATHANIEL RAMSEY, farmer; P. 0. Big Springs; John Ramsey was a native of Ireland, who came to Virginia at an early period, and died in consequence of being pursued by Indians, and whilst heated drinking cold water to excess; his son, Alexander Ramsey, was without any nationality, so to speak, being born on the Atlantic Ocean during the passage from Ireland to America; his brother John and sister Polly separated from him, and going to the Southern States, all trace of them has been lost; Alexander came to Lexington, Ky., and there learned the blacksmith trade. He afterward married Elizabeth Cutright, a German lady, and removed to the Scioto Valley, Ross Co., when there were but two cabins in Chillicothe; from Ross Co. be removed to Fayette Co., and from thence, in September, 1833, to Logan Co., in what was then Perry Tp.; his family consisted of Polly, John, Cynthia, Andrew, Rosanna, Catharine, Anderson, Nathaniel and Alexander, Jr., now deceased. Nathaniel Ramsey, the subject of this sketch, married Ann Sidney Starbuck, a resident, born in Logan Co., Ohio; the family are Clarissa (now dead), Sarah Ann, John (deceased), Jane and James, twins; James is now deceased, William now in Kansas, and Abraham; Sarah Ann married Leonard Hogle, of Iroquois Co., Ill.. It was in the wilderness that Nathaniel Ramsey reared his cabin, which was ofttimes visited by prowling wolves; his recollection of this and other pioneer reminiscences is vivid; be names the first settlers with alacrity and precision; in him are found the genial spirit of the pioneer and the courteous and hospitable disposition of the people of his native State; age has not impaired his vivacity, nor labor bowed him down; like all the early settlers, when accosted regarding the history of the past, his soul takes fire and youth seems again to be his; as an honest son of toil he farms for a livelihood, raises good horses, hogs and cattle, and leaves this record of himself for his children and children's children to rally by, when he shall go hence to be seen no more.

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