Doan Family

Descendants of Richard and Anna Post Doan

This is not a complete genealogy.  It is intended to stop at the 4th generation from Richard and Anna Post Doan.  Richard Doan's line goes back to Deacon John Doan and also to William and Mary Brewster of the Mayflower.  I am descended from two of Richard's sons, Asahel and Lyman.  More information on Asa and Lyman's other brothers and sisters is available in the Doan Genealogy.

Doan Family Photos

These photos belonged to my Great Grandparents, Richard and Elizabeth Ann(Doan) Doan, and then by my Grandparents Bird and Maud(Doan) Ramsey.  Unfortunately most of these are unidentified, they knew who they were and never thought to write names on them.

They lived in Bokes Creek Township, Logan County, Ohio.  Elizabeth Ann Doan came from Lower Salem, Washington County, Ohio.  Richard Doan's Parents had lived near Degraff in Logan County before coming to Bokes Creek Township.

These photos are of relatives and friends of the Doans.  Some of the photos are marked with photographer names and locations, see notes for each photo.  Some of these are scanned from copies of the originals.

If you can identify any of the people or Photographer locations in these photo please let me know via email at

Some have been identified and it is noted under the picture.


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