Wilges Photos

More Wilges Family Photos

Mont & Mina (Wilges) Connor
1948, Maple Grove, Michigan

Herman Wilges 1897-1982
Emma (Bishop) Wilges 1896-1989

Catherine H (Wilges) Harper 1906-1964
William Clyde Harper
Married 26 November 1924

Elery L Wilgus (1900-1988), Son of Jesse Wilges
wife Ferrel (Worthington) Wilges
& son Lewis E Wilgus

Jesse Wilges, son of Samuel Lorenzo Wilges
1866, Ross County, Ohio

Albert A Wilges (1876-1953)
son of Samuel Lorenzo Wilges

Amanda Catherine Wilges (1866-1945)
daughter of Samuel Lorenzo Wilges

Clyde Wilges (1916-1995) & Edith (Christian) Wilges & son Dwight Wilges

Young Family (circa 1929)
Front: Jesse, Samuel, Raymond, Donald
Back: Ruth, Amanda, Margaret

Young Family (circa 1906)
Front: Samuel, John, Jesse, Amanda (Wilges) Young
Back: Donald, Raymond, Margaret

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